Vignesh Alagappan

As evidenced by the timely completion of this bio, Vignesh is a First Year Arts student who takes immense pride in punctuality. Vignesh’s long term goals are somewhat uncertain, but his short term goals tend to revolve around finding free food on campus.

Vignesh became interested in economics after he realized that it was one of maybe two arts majors that was not likely to lead to further prolonged habitation in his parents’ basement (the other one, of course, being Art History). Indeed, he hopes to move out when the wifi next stops working.

Vignesh chose to join ESSA because he wanted to feel important, and playing against bots on PUBG was no longer cutting it. Thankfully, things are looking up now that Julia and Kasun have agreed to adopt him.

Vignesh spends slightly more time worrying about his workload than actually doing it. In what little spare time he has left, Vignesh pretends to have a sense of humour.