The World this week with ESSA

The World this week with ESSA

Hi there! ESSA brings you this week’s special edition of The World this Week – The World this O-Week! From latest figures of the Purchasing Managers Index to the latest London Interbank Offered Rate, we have it all, but not here – you may want to visit the ABS or work for Goldman Sachs. But for more frivolous happenings, read on!

Around the world

The Economist commentates on Obama’s proposal to raise the American minimum wage. I want a pay rise too.

Paying too much for your greetings? Blame the economics.

Stuck in Mexico? Get out quick! Millionaire hopefuls should cross the border to America. The Economist asks how long it takes to be a millionaire in different countries.|newe|2-11-2013|4972139|38790938|AP

All the comments and wisdom from Steven Levitt’s latest AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit


Here in Australia

Melbourne Uni Economics Professor Jeff Borland writes about how good looks can be an advantage in The Age:–32000-a-year-20130106-2cb65.html

Getting ripped off again. This time it’s our tech giants.


Here in ESSA

Batman got it wrong says Melbourne University’s Economics professor and ESSA’s very own blogger, Mike Pottenger. Batman isn’t the hero that Gotham needs, or can finance right now. This is the blogospheric storm it created;


ESSA writer Christopher Weinberg writes about his latest political pilgrimage to America, featured in The Age section, The Voice.

New to Uni? Want to stimulate your brain back to life? Want to know where the good coffee places are, or what subjects to take? Get your questions answered by the friendly folks on the forum!


Back to Uni

Brace yourselves, the textbook costs are coming! In tough times like these we look to our American counterparts to see how they’re handling the hip-pocket hit.,8599,1838849,00.html

(Pshhht…if you want to know which books you should and shouldn’t get for your subjects, ask on the forum!)

Pub crawling? Culture touring? The Beautiful Mind of John Nash gives you his advice. Be warned though, it’s just Russell Crowe in disguise.

ESSA’s very own Yongjoon Paek gives his take on why today’s aspiring minds may have to learn more than those they aspire to.

It’s not you, it’s quantitative cost-benefit analysis – a rationalist’s guide to romantic suicide.

Major in Economics, get laid.