Stella Que

Stella is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Melbourne,  whose interest in Economics evolved out of a casual viewing of the Annual Federal Budget on TV – she is particularly fascinated by the tension between politics and economics, and the repercussions of this for equity and inter-temporal efficiency in the Australian economy. She also can’t deny the value of economics when analysing international market trends to time that online purchase, or when telling scalpers about how they’re actually contributing to economic efficiency.

As Events Director, Stella prides herself on shaping the diverse, educational, fun (yes, education can be fun) and inspiring events held in the ESSA calendar.

When not studying or watching TV shows in a double-chin-inducing position, Stella enjoys listening to an eclectic variety of classical music, hip hop and EDM, walking exceptionally slowly (much to the chagrin of those with her), birdwatching and spending excessive amounts of time at pet shops. She can’t say no to a good mocha, some Shin Ramyun or a 10 pack of Chicken McBites.