Sampath Mishra

sampath_mishraSampath is a third year Commerce and Economics student at Monash University. His interests in economics were piqued when Stephen King introduced him to the law of diminishing marginal utility. Being the curious mind that he is, Sampath decided to further investigate the theory by becoming consistently inebriated on his weekends. Unfortunately, while he can never remember the end outcome of these investigations, he does, however, remember thoroughly enjoying large parts of it.

As Marketing Officer, he hopes to continue to incessantly annoy fellow committee members to lecture bash, whilst trying to spread awareness of the increasingly ubiquitous value of economics by actively promoting ESSA and its events.

In his spare time, Sampath is playing, coaching, watching, reading or dreaming soccer and looks forward to the day where he’ll be the parent hurling profanities from the sidelines to compensate for his own failed dreams of glory.