Reegan Quick

Reegan is a second year bachelor of commerce student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in both accounting and economics. After completing his first year of university he is still just as passionate about economics as ever, even if microeconomics is starting to resemble year 12 Math Methods a bit too much for comfort.

Jumping into a director role as a second year student has been both challenging and rewarding for Reegan as he spends way too much time using Excel to execute marketing plans. Being in charge of the face of ESSA hasn’t gone to his head yet, but the rest of committee gives him a semester before he goes mad with power.

Beyond economics, Reegan enjoys a wide  range of seemingly conflicting hobbies, from his hippy tendencies of meditating, drinking herbal tea and living a vegan lifestyle to listening to all types of heavy metal (Swedish prog being a recent favourite) and playing video games.