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As the premier economics student society in Australia, we strive to be the point of difference in your University experience through uniting theory and reality. We publish student-written articles on this very website everyday, hold events throughout the year connecting students to industry professionals in the private and public sectors, and above all we aim to connect like-minded students together to ignite a passionate economics community that is more informed, engaged and aware of the breadth of opportunities and unique multidisciplinary relevance of economics.

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We’ll be supplying you with our famous green and white jellybeans, showbags and lunch, so it’s absolutely ESSAsential you come say hi and sign up!

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Introduction from Department

Dear ESSA members,

Prof Bill Griffiths
Head of Department of Economics (UoM), Professor Bill Griffiths

I would like to welcome you to the University of Melbourne for the Academic Year 2014. It is a pleasure to be introducing you to our Department and ESSA through this outstanding website. I am sure you will enjoy the wide range of content available to you, which will give you a taste of the fantastic experiences that lie ahead for ESSA members in 2014.

The Department of Economics has had a prosperous relationship with ESSA since its first inception in 2011. Our strong partnership will continue this year, as the Department becomes ESSA’s Founding Sponsor in 2014.

Since its launch last year, ESSA has prospered at the university, with its engaging and high quality events, diverse online content, and growing list of eminent sponsors. Its expansion across Victoria’s top universities is a testament to its success. ESSA is a great organisation for promoting our discipline, and is the perfect supplement to your university economics studies. I encourage you to get involved  throughout the year and to enjoy all that is offered by ESSA in 2014.

I wish you all the best for your studies in 2014, and I hope to see you at ESSA events throughout the year.

Professor Bill Griffiths

Head of Department, Department of Economics, University of Melbourne

Subject Guide

Not sure about studying economics at Unimelb? Or just have no idea what’s on offer?

Have a look at ESSA’s Economics Subject Guide; just a small sample of written testimonials by students (and one lecturer) on the many interesting and engaging economics subjects on offer from Commerce, Arts and University breadth. 

If you would like to find out more, feel free to email any of our contributors!

* Compulsory subjects for BCOM students — Definitely worth a look!

For more information regarding exact content, timetabling and assessments, head to the Unimelb Handbook.

ESSA’s tips for First Years — avoid learning the hard way

One of the benefits of being on a sprawling campus with idle time on your hands is the chance to explore the university and find out what’s good and bad for yourself. For some this is a thrilling experience. For others this amounts to bumbling around, wasting time and having to learn some things the hard way. In this section we answer the tough questions so that you don’t have to bother to learn firsthand!

Help! I don’t know where my new classes are.

Solution: download the Lost On Campus app for your phone – I still use it every now and then!

Where can I get some decent studying done?

As a Commerce student your classes will likely to be clustered at the Spot and Alan Gilbert, so it’s logical that you’ll want to make use of all three levels on the Giblin Eunson Library in the Faculty of Business & Economics (FBE) building or even venture down to the well-serviced Law Library. You can also use the group study spaces on each level at the north end of the Spot: there’s a microwave on level 5 to sustain your brains and stomachs for late nights studying at the end of the semester.

While on main campus, Baillieu Library and the Eastern Resource Centre (ERC) are good places to find some golden silence as well as being close to nibbles. Group assignment work can be done in project rooms at Giblin, Baillieu (make sure you book ahead to avoid sabotaging your group’s competitiveness) or worst case scenario, the Spot’s shared study spaces.

I didn’t bring my laptop to uni, where can I use a computer without getting kicked out?

There’s a small computer lab at the back of Giblin Eunson Library on the ground level but for catching up on econometrics homework before a tute and hours-long computer sessions there are the Bouverie Street Computer Labs, which are housed in a cosy brick bunker – computers for all!

Staying awake

Sometimes the dash for a cheap coffee will give way to convenience, and for that we recommend Bar Commercio at the Spot, Baretto at Alan Gilbert, Porta Via on the ground level of the Law Building, which all offer very similar fare at similar prices (do we smell a monopoly supplier at work here?)

Seven Seeds isn’t bad for those longer lunch breaks, but if you’re on a tight budget then Union House is your one-stop shop. Beyond Grattan Street, you can usually find a reliably decent coffee at Lot 6 near the Swanston Street tramstop, Standing Room at Union House and Lab 39 tucked away in North Court.

If you really can’t keep your eyes open any longer though, in summertime the prime napping spots are on University Square park and South Lawn, and for colder afternoons if you’re lucky, you can catch a sneaky snooze on the nice comfy couches in Giblin Eunson (Well, we can’t possibly study on these…).