Nelson Zhao

Nelson is a first year commerce student, planning to major in economics and finance from his second year onwards. Intrigued by law from an early age, Nelson is endeavouring to undertake the JD as postgraduate study and hopes to work in the industry of commercial law.

As his interest in law grew to politics and inevitably, economics, Nelson joined ESSA to engage with like-minded individuals and broaden his horizons, and to explore a very new world of being part of an organisation, having just graduated from high school. Nelson hopes to build new and lasting friendships on committee and develop some organisational skills, sorely lacking from his high school days.

In his spare time, Nelson is part of a rare, endangered species known as “classical music fans.” If he is not listening to a Beethoven String Quartet or a Mozart Piano Concerto, then he would be fiddling around on his cello or piano, playing a Bach Cello Suite or a Brahms Intermezzo with copious amounts of gusto, and very little talent. If he’s not consumed by music, he’ll be watching Question Time or Four Corners, or catching up on the latest cricket and footy scores. Lastly, he loves tearing up a golf course, no literally, tearing up a golf course, as his absolute lack of form often sees him strike more grass than ball on nearly every shot. ESSA hopes he doesn’t apply his golf game to his time on subcommittee.