Neisha Bond


Neisha is a full time Graphic Designer. Though economics hasn’t been a large part of her life or career aspirations, Neisha still likes to keep up to date with current events and continues to learn and build upon her economics knowledge throughout her time at ESSA.

Neisha has always been passionate about design and art from a very young age when she would often be found sketching and colouring in her homework instead of learning her times-tables. Describing herself as a bit of a perfectionist, Neisha has a strong eye for aesthetics and her creative flair brings a fresh style to ESSA’s marketing team.

When she is not glued to her laptop working away at her latest project, Neisha loves travelling, eating pasta of any form, pretending she knows what she’s doing at the gym and spending money she doesn’t have. She also dreams that one day she will wake up as Beyonce.