Martin Wolf Event

Martin Wolf Event

One of the greatest and most influential economists of our time, Professor Martin Wolf, was invited to the University to discuss his experience about writing on economics. Proudly co-hosted by ESSA and CAINZ, the event was a success filled with constant interactive discussions between both the professor and the audience.

About 5 minutes in, numerous hands shot up in the air and a flow of conservations begun – one of which was how his involvement in economics first begun.  At a young age, the professor had been interested in politics, which was sparked by the current issues of his time such as the West movement and student revolution. However, he argued that in order to understand politics he had to first understand economics, as he believed that it was applicable to everything. This was the transition of his life, his starting point, and his gateway to economics.

Being a journalist for the Financial Times, the professor indicated the he definitely preferred being a writer journalist, rather than a speaker journalist, as his views are in print and are permanent. He states that his articles are written for a global audience, which is made up of professionals. Whilst discussing economic issues, the professor had the ability to influence policy makers around the world. The professor admitted that some of his columns are directed at certain policy makers, but many are simply illustrating and discussing economic issues.

A member of the audience requested some advice from the professor for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of economics. The professor’s response was simple: education. Additionally, he put forward that it is important to do something you are interested in so that you remain focused. Lastly, he stated that studying economics is a good start, however to go further you need to understand other disciplines in conjunction.

Over his professional career, it is safe to conclude that the development of his views has had impacts. His articles provide deep insight on issues and stipulate suggestions in order to reach out to the global community about both current and future economic issues that we could encounter.

On behalf of the University of Melbourne, ESSA would personally like to thank Professor Wolf for coming. The ESSA committee is extremely grateful and honored to be able to meet and listen to such a professional and influential person.

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