Lina Chang

Lina is a first year student studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Science double degree at Monash University. She chose to apply for a subcommittee position in ESSA in order to fulfil her personal goals to engage herself more socially with uni.

Her involvement comprises of helping out in the various sectors of the committee, rotating through each section progressively. Despite being unfamiliar with the regimented agendas of meetings at first, Lina enjoys the familial aura that emanates from each of the members. She is grateful to have the opportunity to be a representative of ESSA where she aims to kindle a community of bright and passionate students who have a mutual appreciation for economics.

Outside her academic life, Lina loves spending time with her family and friends, trying out new brunch spots, and volunteering for charities. When she’s not fulfilling her extroverted tendencies, she’s curled up in bed with her iPad in hand, streaming netflix.