Laura Foo


Currently in her third year of Commerce, Laura is completing an Economics/Marketing major at the University of Melbourne. Her interest in economics began in high school, where she found the repetition of perfectly ruled supply and demand graphs weirdly satisfying. Thanks to the #ESSAsquad, it has since blossomed to a point where she is (sadly) fluent in economics puns and statistics jokes.

As Marketing Director at ESSA, she has the unique opportunity to fuse her passion for building brands with the omnipresent social science of economics, all whilst getting to hang out with and learn from a thoroughly passionate—but crazy!—bunch of people.

In the little spare time she has between ‘studying’ and selling cake to friendly octogenarians, Laura enjoys listening to old school 90s jams. She also enjoys wearing head-to-toe black, being a low-key Belieber, and takes her strong soy lattes very seriously.