Kasun Yakupitiyage

Kasun is a Third Year Commerce student at the University of Melbourne. As an aspiring law student, Kasun has taken a particular interest in economics and its pervasive influence on all aspects of life from politics to sport.

Kasun joined ESSA because of it’s values. Indeed, as an individual who advocates the power of education and friendly debate, ESSA seemed to be his true calling. Unmistakably, Kasun was also drawn to ESSA’s  bantiferous fervour.

In his spare time, Kasun likes to engage in deep and meaningful political and economic debate whilst purporting the facade that he actually knows what he’s talking about (in the same way he adopts unnecessarily perplexing vocabulary to pretend he’s smart.)  He furthers this farce of sophistication through an addiction of contemporary classical music, whilst hiding his #lowkey adulation for gangsta rap.