Jia Ying Kho


Jia is a third year Economics and Finance major at the University of Melbourne. She finds economics engaging because of its global relevance and indispensable utility in analysing any issue of the day.

ESSA was so appealing to her because she found people who were passionate about relating economics to the real world to their peers in innovative and fresh ways. Her goal is to one day overhear students echo the mantra: “What Would An Economist Do?” and hopes ESSA’s initiatives can help improve your academic, career and even love life (#ShamelessPlug: see our cheeky O-week badges!)

On the occasion that she escapes the college bubble, she cultivates her rapping finesse and talent at spending money. She needs a corporate job to learn the fine art of earning $$ and legitimise her love for day-drinking. Her favourite pastime is making not yearly, but monthly resolutions, because in the long-run we are all dead.