James Maccarrone

james_maccarroneJames is a third year Commerce student at the University of Melbourne, planning to major in economics. His enthusiasm for economics was sparked by a keen interest in current affairs and wanting to critically analyse supposed ‘economic’ justifications for various decisions.

James joined ESSA out of a desire to promote the value of economics to the wider community, especially in its broad application to issues on a national and international scale. He also thinks that economic ideas can be used to help people. Since formally studying economics, he hasn’t been able to unsee how it affects almost all aspects of our world.

In his spare time, James enjoys fan-boying over the latest Stephen King or John Quiggin article,  brewing pasta with nonna’s sauce whilst performing ‘the best of Bocelli and Pavarotti’, and googling ‘what are some fun facts about yourself to share with others that make you sound cool, particularly in contexts of a short yet adequately humorous self-introductions’.