Equilibrium 2017

Equilibrium 2017


After months of improvisation and some planning, we are proud to present you with ESSA’s sixth edition of Equilibrium. Equilibrium stands as a reflection and testament to another year of ESSA. We hope this publication demonstrates our committee’s dedication to economic discussion while also proving that students do really care about global issues and the political economy (as well as pop culture)

It is almost a miracle that this publication was completed on time. The two creators, Yaz and Suvi, definitely fit the wordsmith/genius mould but were severely lacking an artist, someone to make the dismal science seem not so dismal. Luckily the amazing Sarah Fern was stumbled upon who brought her outstanding visual talents to produce easily our best looking publication to date. Sarah’s contribution to this publication cannot be understated and we hope she can now sprinkle economic terms into conversations like her Equilibrium partners.

It’s easy to assume that economics is just the study of money and markets. We beg to differ. So we’ve compiled a diverse range of articles that put a fresh spin on economic theory, minus the jargon. From The Fast and The Furious to our friendly neighbours, North Korea; Equilibrium brings out the economics in everyday life. We hope that Equilibrium encourages economic banter and comes in handy for winning intellectual arguments. At its very least, it’s still a beautifully revamped former tree.

Yaz Naji, Suvi Lokuge & Sarah Fern
Equilibrium Editors (ESSA Melbourne and Monash Clayton)