Elise Ashley


Elise is a Third Year Commerce student at the University of Melbourne majoring in Economics and Finance. Elise loves the mathematical side of economics and is secretly a maths nerd at heart. Upon completion of her BComm, Elise hopes to pursue a Master of Chemical Engineering.

Elise joined ESSA because she was drawn to the committee’s positive culture. ESSA’s committee members are hardworking and determined but are also friendly and enjoy some light-hearted banter.  Unlike other commerce clubs, ESSA goes beyond being simply an academic, networking club, encouraging students to engage with their coursework outside of the classroom.

Outside of ESSA, Elise is an avid sports fan. Playing netball for the Melbourne University Netball Club, Elise’s fierce competitive streak comes out on court where she plays GD. Elise is also a die-hard Essendon supporter and will forever deny that James Hird had anything to do with the infamous drug scandal.