Election Hangover: ESSA Explains

Election Hangover: ESSA Explains

Last night’s election was one of the messiest in living memory. No clear result emerged on the night, and it is likely that no clear result will emerge for days or even weeks. Bill Shorten and Labor are buoyant, Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals ostensibly confident but quietly despondent. Labor has picked up a swathe of seats in the lower house and may have given itself a chance at minority government. Malcolm Turnbull’s mandate, meanwhile, has all but evaporated, and rumours of his replacement after less than a year in the job are already circling.

Meanwhile, the Senate looks to be even more chaotic than the last Senate, casting into doubt the success of Turnbull’s Double Dissolution strategy. Pauline Hanson has picked up at least one Senate seat, her own, and has enjoyed a large share of the vote across the country. She will be joined by Jacquie Lambie, Derryn Hinch, a swathe of Nick Xenophon Team Senators and possibly other disparate crossbenchers.

As the dust settles, one thing is clear: this election is an exceptionally confusing one. Feeling lost? Never fear. ESSA is here to help you unpack the results. Extensive commentary will come from several of our writers throughout the week. But, as a hot take, ESSA Editors Tom Crowley & Sam O’Connor have produced a highly-detailed, seat-by-seat, state-by-state analysis of the results and what they mean. It provides a useful summary for political aficionados and novices alike.

Check it out:

Tom Crowley on the House of Representatives

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