Editors' Picks - September 22, 2013

Editors' Picks - September 22, 2013

This week in Editors’ Picks we discuss coffee, tech start-ups solving urban problems, as well as the economic impacts of the Federal Reserve maintaining its excessive purchasing of US bonds. Read on more for your latest fix of eco news!

A place for coffee geeks to explore: Phil Di Bella and Brunetti bring a bigger slice of Italy to Melbourne – Nassim Khadem

In one of the most heavily caffeinated cities in the world, coffee roasters have to develop increasingly innovative tactics to stay competitive. Nassim Khadem interviews owner of renowned coffee supplier, Phillip Di Bella, to reveal the economic significance of coffee, and what it takes to be a leader in the coffee market.

Can Tech Startups Solve Serious Urban Problems? These Companies Think So – Tomio Geron

Entrepreneurship has been lauded to help drive innovation, competition and greater consumer choice. But does it offer the capacity to solve urban issues? New incubator Tumml seems to think so. From crowd funding the homeless to urban gardening, Tomio Geron introduces Tumml’s first five startups with a social conscience.

What the Dow tells us about ourselves – Vauhini Vara & Vijith Assar

The Dow Jones is typically envisaged as an index to track the stock market, however it also serves a more unexpected purpose: gauging consumer culture. Vauhini Vara and Vijith Assar take a look at the evolving profile of Dow stocks in relation to historical events since its establishment 117 years ago.

Hang On – The Economist

An insight into the alternative perspective that an increase in economic growth, not a decrease, will enhance the environment and preserve biodiversity.

Fed doges a bullet with a taper decision – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

As the Federal Reserve maintains its excessive bond buying, discover the impact this has on the United States economy, including unemployment, participation rate and inflation. Also gain an insight into the impact this decision will have on the Australian dollar.