Editors' Picks: 19 April 2020

Editors' Picks: 19 April 2020

Every Sunday, let the editorial team provide your weekly roundup of interesting stories, normally from the realm of economics. Normally we’ll focus on economics news. But these aren’t normal times. Since most news these days is about the economy’s apparently impending doom, we’re taking the liberty to step outside the field of economics. Despite our fervent passion, we need a break.

Kick back as you enjoy the stories you missed, reflect on the week that was and get ready for the next.

This week: the milkman, a war veteran and a good old cost-benefit analysis.

Unlocking Australia – Cost-benefit analysis – John Quiggin

How do economists analyse the reopening of Australian society? Here, the colossal task of “unlocking” Australia has been boiled down to the fundamental economic concept of cost-benefit analysis. 

The milkman is making a comeback as coronavirus keeps people from shopping – Kayla Ruble

A coronavirus-related milkman boom! 

Will coronavirus shock the global economy into long-term thinking? – Larry Elliott

In this opinion piece, The Guardian’s economics editor argues the global economy has been operating with no margin for error. The current crisis may trigger structural changes. How can we learn from this and be more resilient for future crises?

Coronavirus: Captain Tom Moore passes £23m in NHS fundraising – BBC News

Hailed by Prince William as “a one-man funding machine,” this 99-year-old British war veteran raised 23 million GBP. Read on for a story to brighten your mood. 

Coming soon: the great debt monetisation – Alan Kohler

What’s actually going to happen with all the debt the government incurs for its stimulus packages? This commentary offers one perspective.