Editors' Picks - 10 August 2014

Editors' Picks - 10 August 2014

This week in Editor’s Picks, we discuss go back in time and take a look at the economics of Jane Austen, gain nifty tips on earning more from the things you own, take a look at the debate surrounding unemployment and Russia’s proposed ban of agricultural imports.

The Economics of Jane Austen – Shannon Chamberlain

Through the eyes of an economist, we take a look into the world of Jane Austen and her charming heroines. By aligning Austen’s values with the economic concepts of Adam Smith, Chamberlain explores the complexity of wealth both now and in 18th century.

Welfare changes ‘more about prejudice than policy’: Hewson – Mike Seccombe

Mike Seccombe joins the debate surrounding unemployment and the controversial ‘work for the dole’ policy. We hear about the viewpoints of politicians and economists including John Hewson and Eric Abetz, on their motivations and efforts to combat unemployment.

Unemployment surges to 12-year high at 6.4 per cent; youth jobless figure hits 14 pc – Michael Janda

Unemployment has now reached a 12 year-high and is still on the rise. We hear from multiple economists and politicians about their views on the increasing rate and take a state-by-state look into unemployment.

Russia bans agricultural imports from west in tit-for-tat sanctions move – Jennifer Rankin

In recent news, Russia bans imports of agricultural goods from the West in response to imposed sanctions. The political move raises questions about the effects of the ban on the economy and trade between the Russia and the West.

The sharing economy – finding value in what you already have – David Lewis

What is the sharing economy? How does it affect us? David Lewis reports on the global, collaborative movement that has changed the way we can earn money from the things we currently own. However, the sharing economy has its own set of critics, and we explore their views and beliefs on the sharing economy’s impact on industries.