Editor's Picks - September 1, 2013

Editor's Picks - September 1, 2013

With one week to go before the Australian election, this week’s picks bring in some of the best election commentary going around. Stiglitz, The Economist, and many others weigh in on Election 2013. Also, just to mix it up, a report from Bain & Co. on the powerful economics behind customer loyalty. Read on for some top quality eco!

Battlelines: Top 20 seats where voters are most at odds on key election issues – ABC News

Do unions have too much power in the workplace? How accessible should abortion services be in Australia? Should the federal government further restrict foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land? Find out where Australians stand on these key election issues and more in the electorates where our voters are most at odds.

The Crisis Down Under – Joseph Stiglitz

In an election where economic assertions gain just as much traction as economic fact, Joseph Stiglitz takes a discerning look at what Australians really should care about come September 7. The mining tax, budget deficit and climate change have all been casualties of political pragmatism, and the Nobel laureate goes to great lengths to separate the stigmatism from the truth.

The powerful economics of customer loyalty in Australia – Katrina Bradley and Richard Hatherall

Ever wondered what makes some companies so successful in Australia? Katrina Bradley and Richard Hatherall offer a fascinating argument discussing the customer loyalty that underpins the longevity and prosperity of many businesses in Australia and the fundamental economics that informs their strategy.

Rudd’s team resorts to spoof to cast a wider net – Jonathan Swan

How far is too far? With the upcoming election around the corner, Labor stops at nothing to bring the Coalition down. Jonathan Swan reports on Labor’s latest creative media campaign where the general public from around the world are pitched on the fake product, “Abbott’s Internet”. An amusing and far-fetched attempt in swaying votes in their favour- see for yourself and enjoy the laughs.

Lucky no more – The Economist

September 7th 2013 is an important date for Australia. After 22 years og growth and prosperity, the time has come for the public to choose a government that can continue our advance. However, the choice for voters is not an easy one. The Economist weighs in and casts its disapproval for Abbot whilst displaying a reluctant endorsement for Rudd. Our choice is labeled as that, “between a man with a defective manifesto and one with a defective personality”.