Editors Picks' - 1 June 2014

Editors Picks' - 1 June 2014

This week in Editors’ Picks we focus on issues specific to university students from fees, jobs and how best to communicate our needs to the people in power.

Joe Hockey’s change of mind not proof of hypocrisy – Waleed Aly

Video footage of Joe Hockey protesting for free education as a student unionist surfaced this week, adding fuel to the public’s sour stance on the budget and its’ enactors. But Aly brings up a valid point – “(in our political culture) changes of heart are automatic evidence of dishonesty rather than of reflection. We should instead be demanding that our representatives change their views over time.”

University fees to be regulated under Pyne’s reforms – Ross Gittins

Gittins explores the government’s simple take on the deregulation of uni fees and contrasts this with the harsh reality of its impact on the tertiary education “market”.

Six things they don’t tell you about creating jobs for young people – Holly Young

Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang tackles youth unemployment through the demystification of six common but incorrect assumptions with regard to this issue.

It’s time to kill cash, says Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff – Luke Malpass

Harvard professor makes a rare proposal to abolish cash. He states that its advantages, such as the prevention of tax evasion and crime, outweigh the benefits of keeping the status quo.

Students’ Soviet-era anti-budget protests outdated in our era of communication – Annabel Crabb

The delivery of a message is paramount to gathering public support. If we are to gain respect for our cause, we must equally show respect in our protests. The act of protesting needs to evolve to a level where student societies’ are known for protecting their interests’ instead of protesting in plebeian fashion.