Economics at Ernst and Young Recap!

Economics at Ernst and Young Recap!

As a student who has been keen to gain professional work experience with my degree, finding the right company has been difficult. So often I have seen the big accounting firms come to campus and immediately assumed that they are only interested in accounting students.

Today’s event conducted by the Economics Student Society of Australia (ESSA) and Ernst and Young demonstrated the array of job opportunities available to economics students. Too often we assume that an economics major can only land us a career working in academia or public policy. However it is important to understand and appreciate the valuable skills and thinking process one can gain from studying economics.

Most importantly it is the analytical thought process gained from the study of economics that makes an economic major so attractive to employers.

For those students who are interested in exploring the potential professional pathways for an economics major student, Ernst and Young is an excellent firm to start your career. As a global professional services firm with numerous service lines to choose from, the opportunities are endless.

Ernst and Young has four main lines of service; Assurance, Tax, Transaction Advisory Services and Advisory. For economics students in particular, the Transfer Pricing division within International Tax (Tax) is particularly interested in economics students. They are looking for students who have a strong understanding of how supply and demand can impact prices. Most of the work in this area is focused on navigating tax advantages for global clients and determining what is a fair price. If you are particularly interested in the global economy and how economic events can impact the operations of a business, then Transfer Pricing may be for you. The Transfer Pricing division is currently looking for vacationers and graduates.

However economics students are not purely limited to this division. Laura (Graduate Recruiter from Ernst and Young) encourages economics students to apply for all lines of service as skills gained as an economics student are useful in all of these fields.

For more information about the vacation and graduate programs please visit: for more information regarding application deadlines and specifications.

Possible service lines for Economics students