Ben Toohey

Ben is a first year Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in the extremely rare combination of economics and finance. As a member of the subcommittee, Ben is seeking to develop and apply his passion for economics, as well as become involved in the uni experience beyond simply what is offered by the standard curriculum. Not completely decided upon where his future lies – both at uni and in the labour force – Ben is looking to give everything a go and see where it takes him.

Ben’s interest in economics began during his studies of the subject at senior school, where he found that it’s logic and complexities aligned synonymously with the way he thought about the world. Fortunately, Ben also doesn’t mind a bit of maths and so the dark magic of calculus in economics is more arousing that it is a deterrent.  

In his spare time, Ben loves to play and watch football (the real football: ‘The World Game’), and is incessantly tortured by the extremes of jubilation and misery that being a supporter of Arsenal provides.