Ashika Ramamurthy


Ashi is a third year Commerce student at the University of Melbourne. Her passion for economics began in first year after she learnt how much of the minutiae of our world can be explained using microeconomic theory (ty Freakonomics). On exchange at the University of Pennsylvania, this was spurred on by her Legal Studies and International Affairs professors who sparked in her a keen interest to learn more about global markets.

Her concurrent Diploma in Informatics allows her to make haste on her goal to become a programming master (as well as letting her spend even more time on the computer under the pretence of doing ‘an assignment’). In 2016, she will serve at ESSA’s IT Director.

When she doesn’t have her eyes glued to a computer screen, Ashi can be found waiting eagerly for the next season of GoT, browsing Art museums trying to become more cultured/knowledgeable (help needed) and avidly dreaming up travel plans for the future.