Angela Stevens

Angela is a first year Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Politics and International Studies and Economics and is also completing a concurrent Diploma of Languages in German. She hopes to intertwine her passion for global and children’s health with an Economics major in order to establish enduring healthcare reform and social impact.

As an avid viewer of Parliamentary Question Time and the Federal Budget, Angela joined ESSA to engage in robust conversations with other equally like-minded students to develop a greater understanding of economic affairs. As a member of the subcommittee, Angela hopes to immerse herself in all the exciting portfolios where she can best learn from others and develop an entirely new skillset!

In her spare time, Angela prefers to spend hours at a piano dissecting Chopin’s works, writing cards using a unique combination of Microsoft Publisher 2010 and Canva, poring over the latest issue of the Oxford Journal of Global Health or planning another hiking trip to New Zealand’s South Island. In spite of her love of Chopin nocturnes, she frequently lip synchs The Killers Mr Brightside and the theme tune to the 90’s comedy Fraiser. She also obsesses over learning languages and hopes to become fluent in three by the end of her degree!