Ali Rana

ali_ranaAli is a first year Commerce student at the University of Melbourne. He’s still unsure about his majors but there is no doubt that he is truly passionate in economics. At school, the moment he stepped into his economics classroom he knew that this subject was perfect for him. This is because it enabled him to see the theories studied in class to be visible in reality and now he finds his obsession with The Economist magazine a bit too worrying.

Little did Ali know, his exposure to economics started when he lived in Ghana with a high inflation rate, and he recalls barely being able to place his lunch money in his wallet. Having also lived in Pakistan, Switzerland, and Canada he understands cultural and traditional differences. However, for him they have been knitted together by the fundamental principles of economics. This allows Ali to connect with a diverse range of  students and made him eventually join ESSA as a Marketing Officer.

In his spare time, Ali seizes each opportunity he gets to explore new places and be an ultimate tourist or he’ll either be skiing, sailing or playing tennis. Ali’s international background has shaped him to be a respectable and collaborative person who is always up for some banter regarding current affairs and international politics.