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The cost of Free

The life of a university student is peppered with free stuff. But are free things always worth getting? Suvi Lokuge delves into the hidden costs of Free.

The economic rationale of friendships

University—a fresh start, and a new beginning. For many of us, especially first year students, it represents the next chapter in our lives. University gives us all the opportunity to experience new things, such as independence from our parents. Along this journey to adulthood, we will inevitably make new friends. For some, making friends seems very natural, and for others not so much.

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O-Week Report!

Wow what an O-week! Located on Professors Walk, the ESSA committee was hard at work trying to spread the word that… ESSA IS FINALLY HERE!! In just one week we’ve hit almost 200 members and we’re absolutely stoked! Thank you to everyone for signing up, listening to us go on about ESSA and asking questions! Keep them coming!!
It was quite hectic as the committee was still learning the ropes of creating a successful O-Week, so thank you for bearing with us!
Brendan manning the O-Week stall

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