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Why the long queue?

If you’re a self-confessed “foodie,” you’re probably all too familiar with long queues to eat at your favourite trendy establishments. You’ve probably never stopped, however, to think about the economics of those annoying queues. Aleisha Hall explores the science of queuing.


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Safe as houses: the international appeal of the Australian property market

It’s no secret that the Asian dragon has an insatiable appetite for Australian raw minerals, and that the foreign capital which has flowed from it has been a pivotal factor ensuring the steadfastness of the nation’s economy. However, Asian investors have also taken a particular interest in another sector of the lucky country: the property market.

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Monash versus Melbourne: The blow by blow

essa presidents
ESSA Presidents Dean Pagonis (Melbourne) and Matthew Vethecan (Monash) know there can be only one winner

As students from Monash and Melbourne converged on the heart of Clayton campus for the inaugural ESSA Monash versus Melbourne Economics debate, the tension crackling in the air was palpable. For the Melbourne team, losing to the new kids on the block would be an irrevocable stain on their self-perception. For the Monash team, the desire to reign supreme on their turf was a powerful driving force. The topic ‘The Eurozone Project is a Failure’ provided ample scope for intellectual sparring.

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The joy of debating economics … Seriously!

In an affirmation of the natural order of things, on Thursday night out at Monash University, the University of Melbourne team (composed of myself, 1st-year student Emad, and the incomparable Prof. Jeff Borland) took out a closely fought debate to determine whether the Eurozone has been a success or a failure. Across both teams there was much spirited debate over economic theory, the optimal design for policymaking interlaced with a great deal of jibing back and forth between two of the country’s most elite universities.

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