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Are ticket scalpers really ripping you off?

Whenever a high profile event sells out, you can be sure that ticket scalpers are at work, endeavouring to make profits at the expense of those who missed out. Taylor Nugent explores why arbitrageurs succeed and explains the economics behind ticket scalping.

Arthur Cecil Pigou: externalities and the answer to climate change

Prices contain an immeasurable amount of information. They are the sum of an entire population’s private preferences and an indispensable signal to achieve an efficient allocation of resources. But what about the information they don’t include? Taylor Nugent examines the work of Author Pigou on externalities, and concludes that his eponymous tax is the best way to make prices reflect the costs of climate change.
This article first appeared in Short Supply 2016 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

Tech innovation is no panacea

The rise of technology and talks of an ‘Ideas Boom’ sparks excitement for a new era of innovation. However, Taylor Nugent reveals why the tech industry may not be the most feasible platform to grow the economy.