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PPPs – Perfect or Pointless?

Public-private partnerships, or PPPs, are a popular means of infrastructure development. But are they economical in satisfying our infrastructure needs, or just another example of corruption and flawed governance? Nicolas Alexiou explains.
This article first appeared in Equilibrium 2017 – check out the full magazine via the Equilibrium tab at the top of this page!

The economics of self driving cars

Self-driving cars are becoming more and more prevalent, with experts boasting of their advantages compared to regular vehicles. But what effect will this rise of automation have on the economy? Nicolas Alexiou explains.

Lessons learnt from the GFC and how to heed them

The Global Financial Crisis highlighted the shortcomings of the financial sector and its exposure to risk. Fuelled by the failures of financial regulators, governments and central banks, many lessons can be learnt from the GFC.
This article first appeared in Short Supply 2017 – check out the full magazine via the Short Supply tab at the top of this page!

Budget 2017: A Preview

With less than a month to go until the May Budget, Nicolas Alexiou looks ahead to the policies likely to be introduced in the Budget, and their potential economic and political implications.

How to fix tennis, not its matches

The life of a tennis player is commonly perceived to be lavish and glamorous. Nicolas Alexiou explains how this is far from the full truth, and explores how we can stop players from being tempted by match-fixers.