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Elijah reflects on three and a half years of economics, and what it has meant to him.

Spectre of steel

Elijah discusses how the Zollverein – a customs union and free trade area – played a pivotal role in the economic and political evolution of German-speaking states in the 19th century, eventually leading to the creation of the German Empire.

The Hanseatic League

Elijah takes us to Hamburg and reflects on the city’s heritage as a flourishing centre of the Hanseatic League.

Good-bye, proud world!

Elijah Lim explores the transcendentalists of 19th century America and their attempt to create their utopian community. Is it possible to create a social system that fits perfectly with a theological or philosophical scheme?

Simple gifts: celibacy and communism

Elijah Lim reflects on the story of American Shakerism: though celibacy and communism were the two cornerstones upon which the Shaker communes were founded, they were what eventually led to their decline.

City upon a Hill

The year was 1630. A fleet of ships carrying about 900 Puritans from England sailed across the Atlantic.[1] In every sense, it was a journey away from the Old World to the New. Aboard the flagship, the Arbella, leading Puritan John Winthrop delivered a lay

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Let's get real

Elijah Lim examines the importance of economic reforms in improving conditions for Aboriginal Australians.

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job …

Most people who are reading this article are university students. Many of you have the intention of graduating in economics and commerce, and then planning to go on to secure a fulfilling career. I dare say that the students associated with ESSA are perhaps the more diligent amongst students; ambitious and destined for big things!
We’ve got our eyes set on the RBA, Treasury, investment banks and government. Working for these sorts of institutions is a dream come true for wannabe economists. And wouldn’t we all love to be interviewed on Lateline, Inside Business, or Bloomberg, and have our own words rattle world financial markets?
Pretty idealistic, huh. Not that I think we aren’t capable of reaching such heights. But what beyond all this? What’s more to life?

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Calling for change

The recent historic telephone call between the presidents of the USA and Iran the other week represents a huge step forward for both countries and the wider international community. This first contact between the two nations’ presidents for decades was a forceful step away from the ‘Great Satan’ vs. ‘Axis of Evil’ rhetoric that has dogged diplomatic relations. There are reasons to be optimistic over this symbolic phone call – a call for change, if you will.

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